The Monticello VFW Post is proud of our community, and we are proud to support it.  Through the use of funds from our charitable gambling operations lic. 00357, we are able to offer support in many ways/forms.
Our pulltab booth is open 7 days a week from 10AM until bar close.  We run 8 boxes ranging from $1 to $5.  We also offer E-tabs & E-Bingo.  While we have had many say opening some big winners is good for the arthritis, many love the feel of the electronic play.
Electronic Pulltab Horse racing is conducted every Tuesday prior to BINGO at 5PM.  
Bingo is conducted every Tuesday at 6:45PM.  Packets must be purchased for $14 to play the 12 games, with extra paper available for sale.  We offer 3 large price pots, the fist one at game 7 which is a large picture frame for up to $500, and the end of night coverall for upto $1199.  If the coverall doesnt go out, we even offer $500 if it goes out in 5 more numbers.   We now also offer hotball, which gives an extra upto $500 to each and every pot.  This must be purchased with your packet for $1.   Need to know what the bingo numbers are at for the week?  Give our bingo outline a call @ 763-314-0644 
Meat raffle is conducted every Saturday and Sunday at 3PM-time subject to change if a local sports team is playing at that time.
For scholarship and donation requests forms, please visit the pulltab booth.  All requests for donations that do not include our in house donation request from are not considered.  Incomplete scholarship submissions or those submitted on previous editions of the application are not considered.  Please keep in mind, funds can only be donated in compliance with MN Gambling Control Board rules.  View the approved ways we can donate gambling funds here.
An ATM is located on site, all gambling activities are CASH ONLY.